Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Thin Line Between Professionals And Professional Girlfriends

This is one topic I've avoided writing bout because of its sensitivity.( whattttttt?!! Sensitivity?!! Bitch please!!)

I actually took a dare to write bout this... Had a heated argument on Facebook with some friends complaining about how Nigerian women uses Facebook as an avenue to solicit money from so called friends...

One of em told me the experience he had when he invited a gurl over and after the whole banging, fucking and sucking( actually the man admitted he enjoyed the sex and the gurl was hot) she demanded a specific amount of money refusing to take what the man was offering...
According to him, it caused some bitter rift between em when he asked her if she was a prostitute! ( OMGable! WTF?! For fucksakes! And to think she did a 4hr trip for your ungrateful ass?!! Please!!)

I couldn't stop asking myself the difference between a professional and a professional girlfriend...

In a fast changing world where men want women to evolve with their emotions, pick up a woman from the club, have sex and never call her again! How do you think women can handle that shit except make you pay for it?!
While I'm not a good judge of character, I noticed not all men are that insensitive, so in order to satisfy their conscience, they try to make friends with females they like, propose to be a lover and help the em financially. No commitment and everybody's happy.

While I'm not justifying prostitution as a Career, I couldn't help wondering what women actually think bout this...
I brought up the topic and trust me it was unending...

Women are emotional time bombs and so find it less frustrating to have sex with unavailable men.
To others, the money will help em in getting through life.

In my viewpoint, while the men are cool with unemotional sexual pleasures, women found out a way to cool off their emotions: sex for money!

Totally my viewpoint: you're not paying for the sex but for the emotional clingy thing that comes with having sex with a woman!

Before you throw the first stone, to what length would you go to have sex with a woman you find attractive? If she got what you want, you also got what she wants!

You'll want a non-committed sexcapades with a dependent single woman but will cringe when she ask for money?!! Please!!

Since men would never make up their mind for a 'one woman at a time' affair, the thin line between professionals and professional girlfriends will definitely get thinner.

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