Friday, 28 October 2011

Is monogamy too much to ask for in a relationship.

This is one particular topic that has caused lotta frictions in relationships. While I aint dishing out advice or whatever, I'm just bi-curious (jeez! Get a hold on yourself gurl!)

Shayla (original name withheld for privacy reasons) my girlfriend came back from visiting her boyfriend and been complaining bitterly bout how he suggested a threesome in their sex life. She cant take it... Isn't she enough for him? Was the question she threw at me... And whether I would do that for any man... caught in the crossfire, I just stared at her till she hit me...

Ok! I really hate to bust her bubbles but living in an adventurous world, men have really made threesomes or whatever "somes" are available the new sexual frontiers.
Now almost every man wants to see his girl kiss another girl or she watch while he makes out with another girl...

Well I can sincerely say its sooo much fun because it involves fantasies, allowing yourself to really come out.

Sorry ladies but the bottom line is men wants us to man up bout our emotional feelings and just go with it... While it sure can bring excitements into the relationship, it can be some pain in the ass.
Had an experience where my man wanted a threesome and I prepped myself to be the star guest (I still laugh hard weneva I remember this) but everyone had their agenda... He totally forgot I was there.. Hahahaha! Which eventually ended the relationship.

Before I could enjoy any threesomes, I would be emotionally detached. I dunnooo if it comes with the fact I'm a female and it has been genetically encoded inside me.... Bottom line is no woman can enjoy threesomes with whoever they're emotionally involved with.

So if you're not sexually expressive and accommodating,trust me.. they aint for you and ohh yes! Monogamy now comes with a price tag.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Single vs Married...the cold war

Are you a single unmarried lady? Ever walked into a gathering and felt like the only single lady on the earth? Ever caught a man staring at you and the wife shooting you daggers from her eyes she wish would take you down? Hahahahahaha! Honey! You aint alone!

This brings me to my question:
 Is there a secret undeclared cold war between single and married women?
This is an unending discussion whenever I bring it up among my single girlfriends. We the singles think the married ones are the enemy since they think of us as not 'figured out' or players.

 What actually gives me the creeps bout my married friends is that they now think I am the unrepentant sinner while they're now saints and can't openly discuss issues with me any longer... Not to think that all they want to discuss is my child, my mother-inlaw, my husband blahh blahh blahh...

I actually got pissed when all a woman with a Master in finance wanted to talk bout was her 2yr old child...
( Do we actually lose ourselves when we get married? Hmmmmm...)

Well I think married women are threatened by the singles thinking they're the enemy cause they can have sex with anyone and anywhere even with their husbands... Of course! Wedding rings do come out... Most singles have unknowingly slept with married men because they weren't  wearing the bands...

While I still think the married women should be more accommodating (omg! Got me thinking they should also with their I'm going to be shot at) because they were once single and never shot us at sight(just kidding).

Well I still think if you're still single, you're not to be trusted! Hahahaha! ( My single girlfriends will sure gun me down!)
Have a cold war free day! Lol.

Welcome to my world!

Now that you're here, lemme tell you some few things. I might not go down in history but I sure will go down on your system.... ( OMG! Has it reached the point I'll go down on anything?!)

 I'm no English professor and never did major in English so do not expect perfect writings... I'm your next door naija girl but trust me, I done did all you ever wish to do...(all em silly naughty things! Lol)

I muse, blabb and scribble bout sex and relationships... I don't dish out relationship advice, that's what your Holy Book and therapists are for...
I do sure help breakup relationships(ok that's disturbing)

Expect anything sexual, raw and weird....
And ohhhh yes! Your comments, criticism, hates are all welcomed( I actually gets horny and jerk off to the thought! *dead*)

See you around!