Thursday, 27 October 2011

Welcome to my world!

Now that you're here, lemme tell you some few things. I might not go down in history but I sure will go down on your system.... ( OMG! Has it reached the point I'll go down on anything?!)

 I'm no English professor and never did major in English so do not expect perfect writings... I'm your next door naija girl but trust me, I done did all you ever wish to do...(all em silly naughty things! Lol)

I muse, blabb and scribble bout sex and relationships... I don't dish out relationship advice, that's what your Holy Book and therapists are for...
I do sure help breakup relationships(ok that's disturbing)

Expect anything sexual, raw and weird....
And ohhhh yes! Your comments, criticism, hates are all welcomed( I actually gets horny and jerk off to the thought! *dead*)

See you around!


  1. Welcome to blogville.I like your introduction though.Expecting the raw and everything you promised.

  2. In order words,you are being YOU! Welcome to Blogsville,got here Via my big bro from another MUM A-9ja-Great..

  3. Luv ur blog babe

  4. Wanna fuck you so bad