Friday, 4 November 2011


Its always some good times when the girls come together cause someone always got some juicy stuffs to spill! ( I don't go easy on the men.)

One of the girls went on bout how she met a six incher ( I sure hope you're not asking what that is; ok! A man packing
enough down below the belt ie a six inches Dick!) and how he was proud to show off and wouldn't mind her taking
a pic to show the girls... Ohhh and he was soooo good with it she didn't want to leave...

I always feel jealous when someone is having some good sex and I'm not! So I asked the ultimate question: which would you rather have; a six incher or a six figure earner? ( trust me she didn't find it funny I had to end a perfect conversation of her good sex to start one of my arguments). Everyone went wild and the argument started. Just as vodka kept decreasing in the bottle so did the C word and D word keep flying around.

I couldn't get it off my head as my girlfriends left...
Just like men use a scale of 1-10 to measure a woman's attractiveness, so it seems women have now come to have their own measuring tape so to say to weed out the average guy from the George Cloonenies ( personally I got this thing for George Clooney... Don't judge me) and we refer to this scale as the SIX SIXES
You think its shallow? Trust me ur woman is judging u based on that! But here is one of women's secret: if ure a seven figure earner, u can makeup for a lack in the other departments... ( ahhhh this woman like money ooooo)

To an Independent woman, she would always want the six sixes;

A six inches tall man: all women always want a taller man cause according to my girlfriends it gives a sense of security ( I wonder if that includes catching a grenade for me). Just like men like girls with big boobs cause they find it attractive so do women find a taller guy attractive.( and to think that I'm petite! I need me some tall dude! No puns intended to my average sweethearts)

A six figure earner: even though it isn't much, it sure beats a five figure! This isn't bout the material things but I think no matter how women equals to men, when all is said and done, money equals power and masculinity. A man who earns a lot of money can easily take care of his family and to his woman, that is way too sexy.

A six pack abs: In a country where we recognize a six or seven figure earner by his potty belly, its definitely a tall order to ask for a six pack man. I recently had an argument on Facebook bout this and a man complained how we women never seem to be satisfied. But the truth is every woman desire a six pack man. While I don't really fancy skinny guys, I love my men in good shape so he can work it and get it! Lol!

In a scale of 1-6; I would want a guy who has stayed
6 months since his last relationship. You think I'm insane and wonder if a guy can stay 6months before his next relationship? I know what I'm saying. I don't want to be your rebound girl. Any girl who is looking for a keeper will sure need a guy who is emotionally available and not be a quick fix to his broken heart. I almost did the mistake of dating a guy who had a broken heart. Fortunately for me, the ex called in his absence and I committed the cardinal sin of answering his cell. He came back and got all pissed at me for picking up! Seriously dude?! Wow! I then realized he's not yet over her. No woman wants to be the rebound girl.

In a scale of 1-6 most women would prefer a man with a six inches below the belt. ( I'm not the one talking here but my G-spot certainly is) This sometimes can be nervous for men or builds their confidence if they got it... To be fair, not all women need a guy with a big Dick but those women are generally not highly sexual. A longer Dick makes it easier to hit the G-spot and easier to reach orgasm with the right position. A wider Dick causes more friction which enhances pleasure. So if you're not packing
Down below, make sure you got those oral and fingering skills...

A friend was complaining to me how the fiancée wouldn't want to make love to him again... When I asked her, she got offended and spilled he got a tiny Dick! Ewww! ( she sure spoiled my appetite that evening and I couldn't get the thought out of my head.) When I asked him bout his Dick, he got embarrassed and retorted whether she has ever considered the fact that her vagina is too wide! Awwwww! ( I always hate the part where I'm the middle woman)

All I'm saying is if I ever get a six incher and at least six figure earner, I'm definitely saying a big amen to that and he is certainly hitting it, I mean all of it!


  1. 6 inches is big/impressive?!? lol *puts self in time-out*

  2. This is a very interesting post.So you mean six inches or over and a six figure salary makes a guy king huh? Imma work very hard about the salary stuff.LOL


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