Saturday, 2 June 2012

I'm like a man's wallet, fat enough to keep your attention.

"I would give everything to have the perfect slim arms!" "I'd kill so I ain't got any stretch mark anywhere on my body" "ohh, I'll pay a whole lot to have that Mercy Johnson's body" and so forth.
Sometimes you catch yourself telling your girlfriends these. And they just laugh at you.
Truth is, no matter how high your confidence level is, you're still human and a woman at that.

Sometimes its soo hard to believe any man would just love you with all the flaws you got going on!
Mercy Johnson's body? Hot! But I'd rather have fat arms than have her face! Ohh yes! I said it!
So, you see, everyone's imperfectly perfect.
I once saw the the most beautiful girl and I started wailing " ohhh sweet Jesus! Where did I go wrong? I'm soo going to have a talk with your Father, my God. " and then, she opened her mouth to talk; are you shitting me? Her dentition is sooo ugly that I couldn't help but laugh really hard! Ok, Dear Lord, I take back my words.

But hey! Someone out here on God's earth will love the imperfect you perfectly no matter how hard it seems...
And hell! How dare em judge you! Not like you had a choice to choose differently!
No? Can anyone remind me what happened during creation? Huh? You weren't there? Hell, yea...

You might not be the beauty queen, but trust me when I say, some part of you are pretty awesome!
So, don't settle for anything less than what you deserve!

Yes, even though I got this imperfect body going on for me, I got everything I need to keep your attention.


  1. i just goggled Mercy Johnson and she really isnt cute, so i can see why u would keep your flabby arms. Smart move. We definitely all have imperfections and insecurities, i for one, i hate facing my insecurities.... it shatters the fantasy that i have about me being much better looking and smarter than i really am in reality.

  2. @lovelife, I agree with you... @Didi, thanks, hun.

  3. I like this "Imperfectly perfect".

  4. Contentment is the key and please never compare yourself to others. ;)

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  5. lol nice post- it made me chuckle- and youre so right- I always say- a man or woman could be the finest thing walking until they open their mouth- and vice versa- a not so attractive man or woman could have the most beautiful heart or sexiest body! I for one could name a few everyday people or celebs thatd Id like to share the same body type with but I just tell myself- God made you this way for a reason and for that reason alone- its not that bad 8)

  6. You're totally right! haha I like the way you wrote this!
    Would u like follow each other?
    Just follow me and I'll follow you back as soon as I see it! I swear!